Smithsonian National Zoo Trip!


Yesterday we went on a adventure and were ‘explorers’ at the Smithsonian National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute in Washington D.C. We knew the day would be hot, but not as hot as the past few weeks, so on Saturday we just decided that we’d make a trip to the zoo on Sunday.  It was Gio’s first time to the zoo- he loved it! & I think Erwin and I enjoyed it as much or more than Gio, lol.

We considered driving to the zoo, but I’m soooo happy we took the Metro Rail instead! The trip was only about half an hour, it only cost us $16, it was so nice to not worry about parking because when we got there the traffic was CRAZY and there were no open spots anywhere, and for those who do not know, Gio LOVES trains so he was so excited, but really tired, like you can see in the pictures- so it was two new experiences for him yesterday.


We saw the animals on the Asia Trail which consisted of the pandas, cheetahs, and elephants. We walked through the American Trail which had an elephant outpost, bald eagles, a kids farm, seals, sea lions, and an andean bear. Then, my personal favorite and I think Erwin’s too, was the lower zoo which has the great apes, horses, a reptile center, lions, and TIGERS!

Not all, but almost all, the animals grabbed Gio’s attention. He’s been learning about animals and all the sounds they make, so we knew it was time to take him to the zoo. He knew almost all the ones we saw, but couldn’t watch them for long periods of time. He just wanted to see the animal and then keep moving, lol. We all really enjoyed the tiger because it was walking around, standing up, and got into the water- so we were fascinated. There were some animals that were tough for Gio to see so he’d just give up looking for them which kinda sucks because he missed out on some cool ones like the lions and zebras. Regardless, he had a good time! It got us talking about taking him to the aquarium because he loves sea creatures, but thats a pricey trip lol.


We found a little water area for the kids by the sea lions! It was like a mini splash park. To Gio it was a ‘pool’. It was a good way to end our trip. He was starting to get fussy from the heat so it was a great way to cool down before our walk back to the metro.

A trip to the zoo is definitely something you have to be ready for mentally and physically with kids, haha. Luckily, Gio was good almost the whole trip. He had small moments where I’m sure all the heat and walking around got to him, but they wouldn’t last. We took his stroller and had him in it when we walked to different exhibits, but once we got to one he’d get out and walk around to look at the animals.

In our bag we took lunch, a lunch box that had ice packs in it to help keep our water cool, a phone charger, and our sunscreen. Gio’s bag consisted of diapers, wipes, extra set of clothes, different snacks, his sunscreen, and bug repellent spray and bracelets that I highly recommend!


Overall, we had a good time and are happy we got to create this memory with and for Gio. He probably won’t really remember, but we’ll get to tell him all about the trip and most likely take him again!

The staff was/is also great. We learned about a couple animals, how they’re endangered, what we can do to help, how they’re helping, and how the changes in the world is putting a risk on many animals that we all really love. The link below is the zoo’s support page to see how you can help and donate!

Thank you for reading! xoxo- Aura


Cherry Blossoms

 My boyfriend and I made a trip to D.C. to see the cherry blossom trees and let me tell you- they’re beautiful! Unfortunately they haven’t fully blossomed yet, but they’re on their way and already so stunning. If you’re in the area, live close by, or can make a trip to visit I recommend you definitely do so. I’m positive the Cherry Blossom festival started this past weekend and goes until the 9th of April so you guys should definitely try and find your way there- you won’t regret it!

Now, I read there are trees spread around the district, but my boyfriend and I spent time walking around the Tidal Bassin (where the festival is located). There was a pretty decent crowd of people so I can only imagine on the weekend and really nice days.

Here’s a little background for you guys: the trees are beautiful to admire and go take pictures with, but for many who may not know, they also have a true significance to them. In the Japenese culture they represent the fragility and beauty of life, but also how sadly short life can be.

Being around such beauty reminded me how to appreciate every single moment to the fullest because in a second everything can be gone. It might have been one of the first times these past few months I didn’t complain about walking a lot, lol.