More foods on the list!

Gio has grown into more new foods lately, which makes it so much easier to feed him! I mean, honestly, it’s never been difficult to feed him unless he’s just really not hungry or sick. Now that he’s getting older he’s more welcoming to different textures and a wide variety of flavors. Below is a list of new things Gio is into and hopefully can give you ideas!


Prepared meals by Gerber and Chef Boyardee- So far he likes the chicken or turkey mixed with vegetables and rice (usually lean for these if its been a long day or if someone has to watch him during a meal time)

Mac n’ Cheese- either the ones already prepared or homemade, he also loves it mixed with carrots and chicken


French Toast Sticks


Yogurt- he’s actually always loved yogurt

Black beans

String cheese- Mozzarella (my favorite brand is Horizon!)

Applesauce!- he loves applesauce

Sandwiches- either one with a soft meat to chew or grilled cheese!

Meatballs!- or turkey

Potatos- seasons them slightly, drizzle a bit of olive oil and bake!


Some whole meals I give him are:

Breakfast: oatmeal, banana, and small yogurt; scrambled eggs mixed with spinach and tomatoes with a fruit; French toast and a yogurt mixed with fruit pieces; plantains with black beans

Lunch/dinner: Grilled cheese with veggie sticks; rice mixed with veggies and chicken or turkey; salmon with a small salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, and avocados with lime juice; penne pasta mixed with tomato sauce and ground beef or turkey; pb&j sandwich with fruit and yogurt

Snacks: any kind of fruit (he likes his banana and apples with peanut butter sometimes); veggie sticks, applesauce, string cheese, crackers, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado slices; small muffins

With his meals Gio only has water. He will only have milk when he wakes up (smallest amount so he eats breakfast) for a nap, a car ride if he’s really fussy, and bedtime! 


Gio’s into new foods 

I recently made a post of food I give Gio and had tried for the first time that worked. Recently Gio has gotten into a few new things which makes us happy. 

We never give up when it comes to him trying new things. Sometimes he doesn’t like the texture or is thrown off by the taste so we try not to force it. We’ll try a few tricks but if he’s determined not to try it at that moment then we’ll try it another time. We don’t want him to hate his meal time- it’s supposed to be a pleasant experience. You know? 

With that being said there’s are the new foods that recently Gio has been liking:

-MANGOS! He really loves mangos. I thought he wouldn’t because of the slimy feeling of it, but he actually gave it a shot and loves it! 

-Green grapes: we had tried these before but he really didn’t want to try it, but he finally gave them a shot this week. I peeled them for him and would either let him eat them on his own or I would mix them in his oatmeal. 

-Kiwi! I was very surprised by this one 

-Raviolis: he likes these a lot. These are beef stuffed raviolis topped with tomatoe sauce. 

-Granola bars: especially the strawberry flavored 

-Goldfish: he had also tried these before and would just take them out of his mouth. Now he enjoys snacking on them. 

-Chicken noodle soup: surprisingly he enjoyed this a lot 

Those are a couple new things in Gio’s diet! The new thing to try on my list is smoothies! Sometimes Gio doesn’t want to eat, if he’s sick or teething pretty bad, so I think healthy smoothies would be a great alternative! 

Have a nice day guys! 🙂 

Foods I’ve given and give Gio

Trying to see what to give your baby food at such young ages can be hard. I can ask the doctor, but for the most part I just ask my mom, other moms, or just give Gio what I feel like he can handle. Lately we’ve been experimenting more and it’s been going smoothly, not counting the mess he makes. Here are some of the foods I’ve given him: 

-Eggs (scrambled): alone or mixed with spinach, tomatoes, and ham

-Avacado: mashed up, small pieces and/or with hints of pepper and lime 

-Ground beef or Turkey: mixed with veggies like peas, corn, carrots 

-Chicken: alone or with rice 

– Shrimps: in small pieces, and I’ll give it to him with pasta and/or veggies 

– Veggies: green beans, peas, corn, carrots, celery, tomatoes 

-Pancakes: I mix the batter with banana

-Fruit: banana, green apples (sometimes with peanut butter), strawberries

-Pupusas lol 

-Chicken fingers 

-Oatmeal mixed with a purée 

-Crackers, puffs, veggie sticks 

I am working on learning new things to make him. I want him to be open to a wide variety of food. 

He’s also on whole milk now, and did so well in the transition! He didn’t act up or anything. He took it easily and it’s now on a sippy cup that helps transition from the bottle. No more bottles! He also always drinks his water from his other sippy cups, the 360’s or any other sippy cup we may have