Almost ready to let go…

Gio is getting so close to feeling confident enough to let go of our hands on walk on his own! Lately he just holds on to our finger and doesn’t realize that he’s the one leading us now- he feels like he still needs us to walk, but he’s almost there! He loves going for walks now, and can walk for, what I think, a long time for him. Walking to him is the funnest thing to do, and its even more fun when kicking a ball around apparently.

I remember everyone used to think that he would be a early walker, even Erwin and I thought that. He was on his jumper by 4 months, learned to sit quick, learned to stand up even quicker, and quickly grasped the idea of moving around with support. Every little one takes their own time, though! I just know that once he let’s go I’m going to be following him all over the place. I’m definitely going to have to workout to be able to keep up with him and all his energy.

Gio will actually be 14 months tomorrow. He’s a 14 month old full of energy and personality. He keeps us really busy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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