Chuck E. Cheese fun 

For a few days we didn’t have any power at home, and of course those days decided to be gloomy and rainy. Keeping Gio entertained got hard those days since there was no option to go outside, like a park. We would go to the library so I could do some school work, read to him, and so he could watch his shows but he’d get very bored. So, on Saturday I decided that I would take him to Chuck E. Cheese and it was a success. 

We have taken him previously, but he couldn’t really play ’cause of how small he was, he’d get fussy, and a lot of people overwhelm him. We went at around 11am, and there were a decent amount of people- it definitely wasn’t crowded which was good. Chuck E. Cheese was the only place I could really think of to take him to and play, and I’m happy I did because he had so much fun. 

We were there until almost 1? The best part, I got $10 worth of points and he didn’t even use them all. Maybe a little over half. He went on the clock multiple times- which I’m so happy he loved ’cause I feel like that one can be a miss or hit. He also really liked the submarine, a little motorcycle that they have for toddlers, the Simpsons soccer game, the little bowling like thing (lol, don’t judge me) and funniest of all, he loved the Fast and Furious game. I really wish I could upload the video so you guys could see him ‘driving’ it’s the funniest and cutest thing- he even changed shifts! If you follow me on Twitter, the video is available to see! Go watch! Lol 

It was the best watching him play that day. It really showed me how much he’s grown and how much more he understands now too. 

Let the Chuck E. Cheese fun begin! Lol 



New Adventures with Gio :)

As he gets bigger, Gio loves new things, doing new things, and gets better at stuff he’s been practicing. 

Something Gio really loves now are slides. He has a pretty strong core and good balance, so he can actually go down on his own. I felt like it was early for him to be able to go down on his own, but maybe I was wrong? He holds himself so well. Although, he also likes tricking me into thinking he’s going down the slide and then crawls away into a tunnel or up some stairs. 

His favorite thing at the park are the swings. He loves being on the swings. He recognizes them now. So each time I point at it he smiles HUGE and asks to be put in- in his own way of course.

He tries to swing himself, at least I think, and he just laughs the whole time. It’s precious, and I love watching him be so happy with something so incredibly simple. He’s actually been at a point of almost falling asleep TWICE! He was so relaxed and tired, lol. 

Another thing that Gio enjoys is Blaze, that show on Nickolodeon. I found it strange how much he’s grown to like it. Blaze is a monster truck, so the show is about him and helping his friends- it teaches kids engineering, math, science, etc. I’ve seen bits of episodes where they teach friction and angles and Gio is just so amused “talking” to Blaze. He has gotten into cars lately so I want to assume that’s why he loves the show?He’s learned to push them around and gets so fascinated by the fact that he can. 

Gio has known how to wave for a while, but gets so shy about it. He’ll only wave to me or Erwin. So, we’re practicing and trying to show him that he should always wave hi and bye.

He also loves it’s when you say wake up sleepy head ’cause he’ll pat his head and afterwards we’ll say yay Gio! And he’ll clap 🙂 

Ever since he’s learned to go up the stairs, which he’s really fast at and tries to run away from us now, he likes attempting to climb into or onto things. Sometimes he can, sometimes his goal isn’t so realistic lol 

One of Gio’s favorite time of the day is bath time. He loves his baths, which is a huge plus for us! Gio reaches now the knobs that control the water and has known to turn his water on for a while now, too. His new thing is what seems to be him testing out the water temperature in his tub and coming down. It’s pretty funny to watch, actually. 

Hope you guys enjoyed reading these new little Gio adventures! Hopefully soon enough I can update to post videos for you guys, and maybe start a YouTube channel? Maybe! In the mean time, I usually post most videos on my Twitter! 🙂 xoxo- Aura

D.C. Fun! 

Hi everyone! I hope everyone has an amazing Easter weekend, and got to enjoy the nice weather! We definitely enjoyed ours. 

Erwin and I had been wanting to go to D.C. for a while, and we finally did! The main reason why we wanted to was because of the cherry blossoms, but we were too late for them this year :/ but it was still beautiful and the weather was so, so nice- so it was a fun time anyway. 

We had a chance to take pictures too, finally! We’ve been so busy with Erwin working, me going to school, getting stuff packed to move and finding a new place to go- it’s just been crazy! So it was really refreshing to be able to enjoy the day. It brought back some nice memories from last year when I was still pregnant with Gio. 

As some of you may know already, Erwin loves taking pictures so we tried to find spots to take pictures, and he got some really nice shots! 

Gio did really well the whole trip despite it being warm and sunny. I packed him plenty of snacks and a purée, cold water, and milk (we carry a thermostat to keep drinks either warm or cool- comes so in handy! I got it at WalMart). I also took and put on him, his Aveeno sunscreen. Like I’ve mentioned, Gio has mild eczema so we’re picky on what we use for him, but either way, I highly recommend Aveeno for ANYONE. It’s such a great brand. That day Gio also wore a very light blue shirt, also light in material, and denim shorts to keep him comfy and refreshed. 

We walked around D.C. for two hours maybe? We really didn’t feel the time since we were just truly enjoying each other’s company and being out. We went to the Washington Monument, Tidal Basin, World War ll memorial, and the Floral Library. 

After D.C. we head home and stayed there for the rest of the day. We had Jeremy with us and we were able to give him his Easter basket. We collected a bunch a small things that we figured he would like and enjoy. It consisted of: chalk/bean bags, a gumball machine, emoji bubbles, candy, and a few of those little surprise toy bags. He was very happy with it which was great! 

For the rest of the day we all played and simply hung out together! It was a really nice day 🙂 

Bye guys! Xoxo 

Gio’s into new foods 

I recently made a post of food I give Gio and had tried for the first time that worked. Recently Gio has gotten into a few new things which makes us happy. 

We never give up when it comes to him trying new things. Sometimes he doesn’t like the texture or is thrown off by the taste so we try not to force it. We’ll try a few tricks but if he’s determined not to try it at that moment then we’ll try it another time. We don’t want him to hate his meal time- it’s supposed to be a pleasant experience. You know? 

With that being said there’s are the new foods that recently Gio has been liking:

-MANGOS! He really loves mangos. I thought he wouldn’t because of the slimy feeling of it, but he actually gave it a shot and loves it! 

-Green grapes: we had tried these before but he really didn’t want to try it, but he finally gave them a shot this week. I peeled them for him and would either let him eat them on his own or I would mix them in his oatmeal. 

-Kiwi! I was very surprised by this one 

-Raviolis: he likes these a lot. These are beef stuffed raviolis topped with tomatoe sauce. 

-Granola bars: especially the strawberry flavored 

-Goldfish: he had also tried these before and would just take them out of his mouth. Now he enjoys snacking on them. 

-Chicken noodle soup: surprisingly he enjoyed this a lot 

Those are a couple new things in Gio’s diet! The new thing to try on my list is smoothies! Sometimes Gio doesn’t want to eat, if he’s sick or teething pretty bad, so I think healthy smoothies would be a great alternative! 

Have a nice day guys! 🙂 

No more cow milk 

So we recently switched Gio from cows milk to almond milk. Gio didn’t seem to react as well as I though to whole milk. Gio does drink a lot of milk but even when we lessened the amount, he was still constipated and once he did poop, he would cry or force it too much. 

So, I took the initiative to switch him to almond milk. I considered soy milk at first since a couple of my cousins, including my youngest brother, had to be switched over but I don’t like it so much. Then I remembered almond milk and decided on that. 

Before changing him over I did my research. I made sure it was fortified in calcium, and luckily Gio is a very good eater so he gets his other nutrients aside too. 

There is a lot of talk now on cows milk, the lack of care it goes into getting it, the abuse of cows, and so that also went into mind when switching him. With all the claims off the bad stuff in it, I didn’t like the idea of that going into the baby’s stomach. You know? 

So far Gio has been doing very well with almond milk. He drinks his 3 cups a day, and hasn’t had an issue pooping at all. He’s been on it for about 2 weeks now so hopefully we have found our solution! Plus, his doctor was ok with the change too 🙂 for those of you who might want to say something. 

Gio turned 1! 

Gio turned 1 yesterday! 1! I officially have a 1 year old. Honestly, this last year flew by. It’s so crazy how much Gio has grown in front of me. He used to be this tiny 6lb, 20 inch baby and now here’s this 23lb, 33inch 1 year old! 

We took Gio for his 1 year old doctors appointment on Monday and he got weighed, measured, the usual. The hardest part were the shots, of course. He got 4. This was definitely the toughest set so far- for these types of appointments I definitely recommend giving your baby a warm bath after and if needed, Tylenol or Advil! This time Gio needed it, he was in pain which never really happened before. I’m glad I decided having the appointment the day before and not on his birthday, too! 

Anyway, onto happy things, yesterday Erwin and I dedicated the day to Gio. We woke up when he did, let him hang out in the bed with us and then he went off to play with his toys. At around 11ish we went down to eat. Gio loves scrambled eggs, so of course that’s what I made him (mixed in some ham and tomatoes too!). 

For his birthday Erwin bought him a door jumper and a ball pit so while we cleaned up after eating, he played with his new toys. He really loves them both, and they both entertain him for quite a while! Especially the jumper, which we have hanging in the middle of the living room because a doorway is definitely not enough space for him. He goes crazy in the jumper! 

After we were done, we got ready for the day and headed out to get Gio to his gym class. He loves his class so of course there was no way we could miss it! On our drive back home from class he fell asleep for about two hours, so Erwin and I hangout in the meantime. 

Once Gio woke back up, we took a few pictures of him, played with him, and then went to get his cake. Erwin’s mom made us dinner, so we were all together and got to sing happy birthday to him! 🙂 unfortunately my parents live far, so they couldn’t be here, but they are actually coming this Saturday for a visit 😀 

I wish you guys could all know how amazing my little man is! He is so incredibly silly, always making the funniest faces. He has these moments now when he’s also so sweet- he gives us these huge kisses and hugs. He’s so strong, physically and mentally that everyday he really surprises me when I see all he’s capable of doing. Gio, he really has an incredible personality already and he really melts my heart. This past year has been the best year of my life, challenging too, but amazing. 

I’ve been so blessed to find love in 3 guys. Erwin. Jeremy. GioVanni. They’re all my life. 

Happy birthday to my sweet boy, Gio! We all love you