A little bit of Gio for you 

Look at my baby! Ugh, he’s so big- it’s so crazy! I took him to the park on Saturday. It was so nice out so I figured why not?! He really loves being on the swing so that’s where we spend 95% of our time when we go to a park, lol. I let him crawl through the tunnels or climb the stairs so he can get a little exercise in, too.

We also went to the library last week or maybe two weeks ago? He actually likes it when I read to him. He knows he has to sit next to me, and he always snuggles into my arms- so cute. He likes to help me turn the pages so I always let him do so. He really enjoys the sensory books, like the ones he can touch. He gets so intrigued by them. For a while his favorite book was ‘Ball’, I don’t remember the author unfortunately. He would laugh each time I read it.

I also gave him a haircut. It was definitely harder to get him to stay still this time, but we did it. He really looks a lot like his dad, it’s crazy. Each time he felt me cutting or knew I was going to do something to his hair, he would move. So of course I have to distract him with his favorite show and some snacks, and that did the trick for the most part.

One week in his gym class they had us put the babies in a hand stand, and that’s all Gio wanted to keep doing lol. I wish I could have taken a picture, but obviously I can’t do that while holding him. He would put his head down on his own and try to lift his body, it was so funny but it made me so happy to see how quick he is to catch onto things. He always cooperates in his class and does well for the most part. He balances well, lets the teachers do backrolls with him, he hangs onto the bars so tight and holds on his own for like 3 seconds, so I’m definitely happy I put him in this class! It’s been very worth it. Oh, and he loves the puppet shows now at the end! He sits so still and just watches, before… not so much, lol.


Baby Gio!

Gio is HUGE! I’m really sorry for not being on here and giving monthly updates on my little guy. Honestly, for a while I wasn’t sure anymore if I wanted to blog, if I didn’t want to, but I love it so here we are!

Last time we went to the doctor’s office, Gio weighed approximately 20lbs and measured 30in. He’s definitely taller now! Possibly heavier too? Maybe. This kid is getting so big and outgrowing everything!

Little fun facts about Gio:

-He stands! Supporting onto something/ someone. I feel like he can stand on his own, but when he realizes that you’re not holding him, he’ll let himself fall.

-He walks with support! With one of us, with a walker or one of those walkers he has to push himself

-He has 4 teeth! Let me tell ya, when those top two were coming out… He was something else, lol

-He LOVES his bath. He loves water in general

-He’s not much of a crier. He does get fussy, even cranky, but he doesn’t really cry

-He will look for something when you hide it

-He waves hi and bye, and kind of says hola

-He babbles A LOT

-He claps! Finally! One of his favorite things is clapping. Especially with his dad- his dad will clap and he becomes so amazed, then he puts his head in-between his hands and has his dad clap on his head, its the funniest thing. Now that he learned to clap he’s so amazed with himself, he even stares at his hands after lol

-He can feed  himself with his hands, sometimes he’ll get the hang of the spoon but only for a handful of tries

-He is now only formula fed (had to stop around 8 months). He can use the bottle and sippy cup perfectly on his owns

-He eats purees and pieces of food. He doesn’t really care what puree he eats. He’s always accepted them all. Actual pieces of food isn’t the same story, though. Sometimes he’ll love one food one day, but not the next.

-He likes a few shows like Bubble Guppies, Little Einsteins, Paw Patrol, Team Umizoomi, Super Why, etc., but doesn’t watch as much of it. I try my best to keep him active, but the shows do help me honestly

-He goes to a gym class and LOVES it